Still Alice

I wanted to read something based on a true story and I found this book, Still Alice. It’s about a woman who is suffering from Alzheimer, but she hasn’t got the age you expect her to have. She’s not old, suffering from dementia. She’s a teacher, working in Harvard. She still has years to go before hitting the age of an old woman. The beginning was hard to read for me, but once I got into it I couldn’t stop reading. This story really touched me and it was sad. It’s sad to know how someone with such a high IQ can just lose all her sense. It’s sad to know how she could just forget about who her children are. Yes there is a movie out there and yes it might make you cry. But a book is more personal, it’s more detailed and it’s something you should pick up and read to understand what is going on.


Go to the shop and go and buy yourself this catching and heartbreaking story.


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