Where’s the water?!

I can’t remember when because it was a couple of weeks ago, but I remember I went with my mum in the evening to Pizzeria Doni in Hannut. And as you might know, yes I did order a pasta dish. Please don’t judge me for my addiction. I ordered pasta in a tomato sauce with chicken, you’d think oh my sounds delicious, right? It would have been if the chef didn’t make the wrong sauce.. You say what?? Yes I got the most spiciest sauce ever! And I am actually not aloud to eat anything spicy because I have a weak stomach. So my mum and I swapped dishes, even though the service was excellent and the waiter did ask if we wanted a new dish. My mum kept eating the spicy pasta and I ate hers. The only thing that was disappointing, was that he charged us the full price.

As something like that happens at least give a discount, right?


Oh well, better luck next time.


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